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George Hurrell

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Influence…George Hurrell

Anna May Wong - George Hurrell


George Hurrell ...Greta garbo


Humphrey Bogart...George Hurrell


For sixty years, George Hurrell defined the world of glamour. The one time head of MGM portrait gallery photographed some of hollywoods biggests stars such as Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, & Rita Hayworth…and later on people like Brooke Shields & John Travolta…Hurrell’s  training as a painter enhanced his understanding of exposure, composition, and contrast. His artistry included a mastery of lighting and shadows, an expertise at retouching negatives and an ability to capture the mood and expression that defined his subjects. His technique has often been described as “Painting with Light”. Many a Hollywood career was made or enhanced through his artistic touch…He died on May 17 1992


Carl Zeiss Jena  Tessar 50mm F/2.8 lens

carl zeiss jena tessar 50mm f/2.8

Produced from 1952-1978 in East Germany …the carl zeiss jena tessar 50mm f/2.8  M42 mount lens, was often used as a standard kit lens …Being only f/ 2.8 its a little slower than other primes, still this is a carl zeiss lens, the center is vary sharp with soft edges giving this lens a unique character and bokeh that only a tessar lens can give. With a M42 screwmount it can be mounted on DLSRs or any 35mm SLR ( with adapter )…a fairly common lens it can be found at local camera derlers and on-line sources like E-bay…if you need a dirt cheap, quality lens this is a  good pick…

  1. max. aperture   2.8
  2. min. aperture   22
  3. min. focus   .35cm
  4. filter size   49mm
  5. focus type  full manual focus
  6. Optical construction  4 elements in 3 groups