Paper Negatives

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Paper Negatives

A great alternative process for use with a large format camera such as a 4×5 or a pinhole camera, but it can also be done with a 35mm or even with digital equipment. The paper negative process involves, using photographic printing paper as a negative instead of film. the results have a unique textural appearance, most noteably a strong grainy appearance. ( the fibers in the paper )

The paper negative is an extremely versatile process that allows all manner of reworking and retouching of an image, and is the perfect medium to bridge the gap between photographer and artist. Because paper is much slower than film Paper negatives do require  longer exposures than “normal” photography. The process for printing a paper negative is essentially a contact printing process. To develop the paper negative follow the same process you would for a print just exposed in the darkroom – all the way through to the water bath. At this point you can dry the negative
Retouching the image is simply a matter of adding density to the back of the print, using a soft pencil such as a 4B,  or a charcoal stick. Because the marks are on the back of the paper, they are not clearly visible on the contact print.


Cable Release 

Threaded cable release ( Nikon )

A cable release is an attachment that screws into a shutter release, allowing you to trip the shutter mechanically while not touching the camera – to reduce camera shake or to operate the camera from a distance. A cable release is useful for long exposures in dim lighting, portrait photography and close- up work

Most cable releases consist of a flexible tube. with a steel cable running through the tube, with a press-button at one end and a piston to press the release at the camera end. Most have a lock, to hold the shutter open for long time-exposures and to make sure that the sutter is not tripped accidentaly

The cable release has largely been replaced by “wireless” electronic remote releases in modern DLSRs



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