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welcome to Black Rain Gallery 2.3

Working Boats of the Great Lakes

Since I was a boy I’ve alway found the working ship’s and Boats of the great lakes fascinating,  nodoubt aided by fact my father was a Toronto longshoreman

This is a small side project I’m currently working on

Bagotville ... by Ken Hill


Tuscarora details... Ken Hill

Bridge Canadian Miner ... by Ken Hill


Side projects  offer photograghers ways to develop new skills, can give you a new perspective, can help keep your main work from becoming stale, and can expose your work to new markets which can lead to new clients.

Most photographers I know have at lest a few side projects on the go at any one time

Gear  Yashica ML 50mm F/2 

Yashica ML 50mm f / 2


This multicoated  lens is very sharp, with good bokeh and saturated colours, It was a standard kit lens for yashica cameras so it has a contax/yashica mount witch means if you don’t have a yashica/contax camera you’ll need an adapter for it

  1. max. aperture  f / 2
  2. min. aperture  f / 16
  3. min. focus  50cm
  4. filter size  52mm
  5. focus type  full manual focus
  6. Optical construction  6 elements in 4 groups



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