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known as” the father of mexican photography” is considered a major influential figure in contemporary Mexican and Latin American Photography, his work is widely published around the world.

Alverez Bravo ... Centro Fotografico


Alverez Bravo... Daydream 1931


Alverez Bravo fruta-prohibida


“for photographers, anything and anyone can be an influence”

He is one the photographers I consider an Influence on my work…it’s not so much what he shot, but how he approached what he photographed…


Nikon F80/F80D/F80S   Type – 35mm SLR

Nikon F 80 35mm SLR

The F80 was introduced on January 27, 2000 to the  consumer market. It was the successor to the F70 and was based on the highly successful F100 and was the first Nikon camera to feature on-demand grid lines.  The F80 has many pro features such as…                                                                                                                                                                                              

  1. Excellent matrix metering
  2. Viewfinder indication of P, S, A, or M exposure modes
  3. Real depth-of-field control that stops down to the camera-selected aperture in automatic modes                     
  4. Viewfinder displays [+] or [ ] AF mode
  5. Viewfinder display of fill-flash compensation level
  6. Professional threaded cable release socket
  7. On-demand grid lines 

The F80 takes two CR123A lithium batteries  and you can also get a grip that uses 4-AA batteries, the MB-16

Overall this is a great camera, light, low cost and packed with many pro features… some people have complained about build quality, I have taken my F 80  455 km through the Canadian bush, taken it into caves, shot in rain, sleet, snow and down  to -40c …no problems would I do these things with some other cameras I own…no way !


Pro Canadian photographers, great talent working in smaller Canadian citys…

-Thunder Bay



-St. John’s


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