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Just some shot’s of Toronto….

Toronto-Dominion center

Brookfield Place photo by Ken Hill


The Courtyard photo by Ken Hill

Abstract-pattern's photo by Ken Hill

Cities are a great place for taking photo’s with so much subject matter at hand, the possibilities are endless….





A Quick look at three Black & White Film’s… 

ILFORD Delta 100 ( ISO 100 )

Introduced in 1992 this film boasts great contrast, vary fine grain & razorsharp print’s.  A great all-round choice when fine grain and sharpness are more important than speed.

KODAK Tri-x 400 ( ISO 400 )

Tri-X is a classic ( 1954 ) high-speed black and white photographic film from Kodak with small grain pattern and low contrast, With excellent skin tones recorded in portrait’s. This is one of the Best B&W film’s in the world today

FUJI NEOPAN 1600 ( ISO 1600 )

A high speed film great for low light level’s, with high contrast it’s not the kind of film you’d use for general photography work. But it will handle the most difficult light and still produce excellent print’s. For a high-speed/medium grain film it’s suprising how much detail it captures

web watch

Working with a 5×7 camera, Brad Cole is one Hell of a photographic Artist

Buck produce’s some vary beautiful work esp. his panoramas

The Ilford photo company website, a great resource for the Black & White photographer


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