Welcome to Black Rain gallery 1.0 ….

Today we talk about a couple of my photo’s…

Late October…small is Beautiful

                  Late October...small is Beautiful

I really follow Michael Busselle with his three step’s in taking a photo  Seeing, Thinking, & Acting … and this was a day I was just looking for some fall colour to shoot. I noticed this small plant in the sun light with strong backlight in the leaves… ( Note Backlighting can give leaves that extra punch and make the colour’s really stand out ! )  This image to me speak’s about the small thing’s in a forest beautiful but not alway’s noticed…


I shot this imageSilver at a local Library,

I wanted to emphasise the water & colour’s…I tried shooting it quite a few time’s before I settled on a shallow depth of field and a out of focus background…This near abstract image

is the result


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